Packaging & Claims

Packaging is an essential process of production as it provides protection for the product and promotes the image of a brand. Swift is geared to move all types of cargo but can not do so without the assistance of its customers. With the Swift transport model there is multi-handling of cargo within Swift. This includes collection from customers, sorting of the cargo according to destination, offloading at the primary destination, and then loading for delivery to the final destination.

The following are the results of poor packaging:
Inadequate or bad packaging causes damages and breakages to consignments, unnecessarily increasing operating costs. It is essential to pay particular attention to packaging. Swift is a general goods carrier and products will be mixed with other cargo. Therefore, inadequate or poor packaging may result in products being damaged during the process. Where possible palletize and shrink wrap products to reduce the risk of damages during multiple handling.


  • Overload cartons
  • Use strings for heavy cartons
  • Use light packaging for fragile products
  • Use light packaging for sharp objects
  • Shrink wrap and palletize where possible
  • Use the correct strapping or tape
  • Use good quality cartons
  • Use fragile stickers where necessary
  • Use correct labels for product ranges
  • Use appropriate seals for liquids to prevent leaking
  • Use packaging aids for fragile good, e.g. bubble-wrap
Note that this reduces claims and at the same time you quickly satisfy your market by delivering on time.


We have a dedicated Claims department which assesses all claims on a case by case basis. All claims must be lodged with this department within 21 days. Customers are kindly asked not to deduct the value of a claim from account payments as the two processes are completely separate and must be treated differently in order to keep accounts in order.


  1. Swift does not insure freight transported on behalf of customers
  2. Customers wishing to insure their freight can make use of Swift’s in house insurance for freight transported on our services
    • To insure your goods, just tick the insurance required box and insert the value of the goods being transported.
    • The insurance rate is 1% of the value of the goods and is payable in advance of transportation.
  3. Goods not Carried - There are certain goods that Swift do not carry under any circumstances and these are:
    • Cash, bullion, precious metals, precious gems/stones, weapons and/or ammunition or explosives
    • Swift will accept absolutely no liability and not entertain any claims for falsely declared consignments of the above items
  4. Special Risks. Swift reserves the right to refuse carriage of certain merchandise and in particular, should Swift agree to transport these goods, they will be carried at Owner’s Risk:
    • Perishable merchandise
    • Merchandise not packed and protected correctly for transportation
    • Fragile merchandise in particular glassware, crockery, televisions, office machines, household and office furniture
  5. Limitation of Liability. All services are rendered in terms of Swifts conditions of service which is entirely at owners risk, in the event that for any reason Swift is found to be liable for loss or damage, such liability will be limited to $0.25 (twenty five cents) per kilogram for the gross mass of the consignment and pro rata for any part of the goods lost or damaged.