Swift To Continue Essential Transport Service During Uncertain Times

The team at Swift Transport is committed to doing whatever it takes to carry on offering all its essential transport services across its 35 strategically located depots, nationwide.

The company will be taking strict precautions, to the best of its ability, to ensure the health and safety of all staff, customers and the public in general against the spread of COVID-19.

Despite the risks involved, the brave Swift team have acknowledged that it is in the best interests of the nation that it keeps its wheels turning, particularly to ensure that food stuffs, and critical medical supplies continue to move where they are needed.

CEO Unifreight Africa Limited, Rob Kuipers says “In this time of crisis we will do what-ever it takes to make sure our customers’ freight is delivered, where and when it needs to be, throughout our countrywide depot network. Road transport is an essential service in Zimbabwe, and we will not stop this service when the country needs it most.

Traditionally Swift transport has not focussed on home delivery, but we are working on solutions to be able to offer this service where we can.

We have communicated with our customers and they are aware of the safety procedures we have put in place. In these extraordinary times we are obligated to implement extraordinary measures to ensure that we protect the health of everyone - including our incredibly dedicated workforce, who as front-line workers, should be praised as the National Hero’s they are!

We have a great team who are committed to stay the course through this crisis and find solutions to any problem we encounter”

Swift transport can be reached through its call centre in Harare on 08677 000 777, via email : and also on Skype: swift-transport, just swift it, WhatsApp 0773 799 477, or online through its website.

Posted in COVID Updates, News on Sep 23, 2020.