Swift Convenience Outlets bring the magic of 'to door' closer to you!

It’s all about Customer Convenience

We are living in a dynamic and changing world if 2020 is anything to go by. What we have quickly discovered is that people and businesses can adapt and diversify to operate in a new environment to ensure their customers continue to get the service they want and need. Swift Transport has been the leading local transport operator for over 75 years. It started working on its Convenience Outlets project late in 2019 but decided to prioritise this retail solution due to the restrictions introduced in early 2020 due to the COVD-19 lockdown.

 The transport and courier service offered is exactly the same as you would expect to get from visiting any of the nine Swift depots in Harare, but without having to travel to the industrial sites or into town. 
The five-kilometre travel restriction felt by all during lockdown was an obstacle to overcome, and with five new convenience outlets based in suburban locations namely, Chisipite, Arundel, Borrowdale, Westgate and Chitungwiza this has been alleviated.
Moving parcels around the country to major destinations will take 24 hours, destinations further afield will be guaranteed within 48 hours. Swift has the largest transport depot network in the country to accommodate this service, a total of 36 situated in strategic locations.
Parcels are delivered to business addresses or can be collected from the destination depot. However, Swift is also offering a ‘to door’ service through its sister brand SkyNet at an additional charge. All international courier services are also available at these Convenience Outlets and also every one of the Swift depots throughout its extensive network through the SkyNet brand.
All courier packages and freight can be insured. Insurance is charged at one per cent of the value of the item being transported. Swift prides itself on maintaining the chain of custody for all items transported.
Swift will move anything to anywhere, but for a few items on its exception list. The items that cannot be transported include; cash, precious gems, jewellery, precious metals, weapons and ammunition. Flammable liquids and explosives can be carried through prior arrangement.
Swift opened its first Convenience Outlet in October 2019, in Arundel Village with Mark Manolios Sports. Then opened Westgate, at Bills Express, Borrowdale at Fawcetts Security Shop and finally in September its own outlet in Chitungwiza. These four outlets bring all the Swift services closer to home for Harare based customers, who previously had to travel to the nearest town depot based in Selous Avenue.

The Swift brand turns 75 years old in 2021. Its legacy and history are synonymous with safe and reliable transport. With its experience, Swift has learnt to adapt its operations in order to continue its excellent service offering for all its customers.  


Posted in News on May 14, 2021.