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Swift Transport 70 Years Young

Swift turns 70!

It was back on the 16th of March 1946 when Swift Transport was officially registered as a transport company. Move forward 70 years and the company is still one of the leading transport operators servicing the major centres throughout the country every day, tackling the responsibility of ensuring that valuable freight from every sector and all industries in Zimbabwe arrives, safely and securely at its destination.

All that has changed over the seven decades is the brands corporate holding, its size, scope and service offering. Through demand in the market the fleet of vehicles moving countrywide has grown in compatibility. With the demand for variety and volumes of freight, the services offered by Swift have also grown to cover six distinct transport areas; namely, local courier, express freight, consolidated freight, full loads, international courier and agricultural freight. Swift Transport has been able to adapt and innovate over the years to incorporate the many distribution needs of its valued customers.

"Just Swift It" is synonymous with the transporter in Zimbabwe because that is all you have to do. The operator has also built over this period of time the strongest and most diverse depot network compared to any other Zimbabwean transport company. It covers every main city nationwide and many key growth areas, together this covers over 30 depots, excluding convenience stations, where any individual or organisation can have access to the transport options available.

Rob Kuipers, Acting CEO of Unifreight, "It is without a doubt a great privilege to be a part of the history of a company such as Swift that has a fantastic heritage and has stood tall for seven decades. Transport is an essential service in Zimbabwe and the Swift corporate roots have played an integral part. I work with a fantastic team who are incredibly mindful of how important what we do is and are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers today."

To be a leader in any industry, but particularly transport, and to build a strong brand that is recognised and trusted by all who use it, takes a combination of many key elements. It is not something that just happened through the process of time. If Swift had not adapted, grown and continued to adapt and adjust to current circumstances the transporter would not have maintained its great legacy of being a national transport leader. Even though it has many tried and tested solutions that have worked throughout the seventy year history, Swift is continually looking at the "now", how can customers be served right now, how can transport add value to their business and be part of its growth. The fortitude comes from knowing that it is a symbiotic relationship, as the customers evolve and grow so does Swift.

The key to this success is through the dedication of the men and women who started the company and grew it in its infancy up to today. The company's current gatekeepers of its great legacy and indisputably well-known brand are committed to upholding the standards set over time and acknowledge the huge responsibility of keeping the wheels turning.

The celebration of turning 70 years young is not only as a result of what is happening now, but due to the seven decades of hard work and energy that has gone before and stood the test of time.

To all those who came before, who were part of the journey building this great company, you should be saluted, the current gatekeepers of the legacy have big shoes to fill, may they continue successfully on their journey wherever the roads may lead, Happy Birthday Swift.