Information Technology

To ensure that Swift stays ahead, the most up to date technology is utilized in all areas of operation. This technology allows Swift to co-ordinate a wide range of freight services, ensure the most reliable collections and delivery of goods and provides accessible state of the art tracking and proof of delivery systems to customers.

Swift's IT platform is reliable and up to date with current international freight operating systems. The company has been operating the FreightWare IT system since June 2012.

FreightWare is an application used to manage courier specific logistical processes, typically the process starts when an item is sent from an address, consolidated at a service centre and then sent to another service centre, from where delivery of this item is made to a final destination address. The system brings world class benefits to our clients that ultimately results in improved customer service and satisfaction;

  • Online access to Proof of Delivery
  • Online consignment tracking
  • Enhanced access to other documents such as GRVs, GRNs and customer invoices
  • Reduction in errors through the use of modern equipment
  • All depots are online
  • Improved billing