Completion of Consignment Notes

To avoid delays in delivering your consignments as well as cross deliveries please ensure that you complete the consignment notes in full and legibly showing all of the following information:
  • Physical address of the sender
  • Physical address of the receiver
  • Account number
  • The name of the person responsible for paying - the Payor. Name of Payor must be the same as the name on the account application form. Where suppliers are authorised to use account numbers ensure they provide them with the correct account name.
  • Contact telephone numbers for both sender and receiver
  • Full names of both sender and receiver
  • Signature of sender (Receiver will sign on receipt of parcel/consignment)
  • Destination e.g. Harare, Mutare or Masvingo
We urge customers to cooperate with Swift collection and delivery crews. If it is brought to your attention that there are incomplete areas on your consignment notes please assist and complete in full. We reserve the right to hold freight until details can be verified on consignment notes that are incomplete when brought to the depot.