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About Swift Transport

Swift Transport is a proudly Zimbabwean company and was established over sixty years ago. It is a dynamic force in the world of road freight and distribution solutions. Swift has a well-established range of service offerings making it the go to company who can take care of all transport solutions through its main brands -- Swift Courier Express, Swift Freight and Swift Full loads. Swift is also the only transport company that can boast a nationwide network, with its 34 depots situated throughout the country.

Swift transport has an inherently sound infrastructure. Its new fleet is driven by well-trained drivers who go through rigorous training at the Driving School. All Operations are backed by experienced management and employees. The company stands poised to explore new opportunities anywhere in Zimbabwe where there is reliable road infrastructure.

Swift Transport is confident of the future; it is proud of its abilities and is always ready and willing to deliver transport and related logistics services to meet the needs of both its existing and prospective customers in Zimbabwe.
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Our Heritage and Our Future
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